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We been hard at it in the studio whoopin and hollerin. Yesterday Joe went in with Hot Chip to do a N.E.R.D remix so I went to the Ministry and did the radio
You can hear the show HERE

And here is the tracklist…

Fase – Because I Can
Sonarpilot – Voodoo (ramadan man remix)
Idjut Boys – waterboard
Red Rackem – pressure
George Morel – Morels Groove
Busta Rhymes – Stop The Party
NORE – Nuthin
Will Powers – Adventures In Success
Prince – I wanna Be Your Lover
Mille & MR Hirsh – Preset Stomp
Strafe – Set It Off
Rustie – Clipper

Pitbull – To The Rescue
Ronnie Richards – Missing You
MJ Cole – Phoenix Riddim
Soylent Green – La Forza Del Destino
UR – Hi Tech Funk
The 2 Bears -Mercy Time
Mr Scruff – Pickled Spider
Leo Zero – Wigwam Theme
Stereo Paws – For You
Jill Scott – Golden (Wookie Remix)
Carte Blanche – Black Billionaires
K Alexi – Jazz
Sophia Georgo – Girlie Girlie

Next weekend is the Big Beach festival in Tokyo, the weekend after is RockNess.
I’ll blog soon with all our festival action


A rare weekend off so tonight to Plan B to see the mighty Mad Professor
BIG in the game for time. I first got onto His Madness through the Massive Attack dubs he did. After that I did a bit of digging and got loads of his Ariwa records. The sleeves were always brilliant, a bit like Scientist.

Before Pato Banton went all bye buddy bye bye bye bye on us he made 2 albums with the Mad Prof . A UK toasting style a bit like Smiley Culture or Tippa Irie. Well good.
YouTube Preview Image
Amazingly in about 1994 he came and played at a venue in Whitstable near where I was living. You have to understand there was NOTHING going on in Whitstable for kids of 14 in those days. Anyways we managed to get in. He’d brought his own sound in and the room was a old gym with a sprung floor. It felt at moments like the whole place was going to collapse. Schoolboy stoner legend had it that John Peel was in attendance but I never saw him. A formative night though still.

Back in the studio cooking up the next EP next week.
Music for days and days.

Joe looks a bit different…

The weekend closed in style with the awesome Konono Number 1 show at the Scala. EVERYBODY has to go and see this band. The records are good but the live show is something else. Pure hypnotic party magic. I was pleased I made the effort to get off the sofa on a Sunday night.

here’s a youtube video

Then monday was a drunken disaster which began at midday with a photoshoot in a pub for the Lovebox Festivalprogramme with Jonny Woo and friends and ended up at the Social.

The bears are very proudly sharing a bill with Larry Heard and Derrick Carter in The Rizla arena at Lovebox on the Sunday. There’s some afters at Fabric too apparently.

So to T Bear tonight with COOLY G whose tune Love Dub was a big favourite last year

As ever the Follow The Bears show is up on the Ministry


Spring has sprung, bear fanciers. Look even the next T-Bear flyer is all green and new.

Big thanks to all who turned out at Corsica Studios on Friday for the Girls Music party. There’s some pictures up here

There’s a remix package of the Follow The Bears EP on the way soonish with mixes from Derrick Carter, Brooks, Supabeatz and Luke Solomon and we’re going to be doing some fun festival shows this summer.

Meanwhile we gotta get in the studio and make our album. To tha woods..!