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Nuf Tings

Plenty to report. We’re bearhugging all over the gaff. It’s been getting played in the daytime on Radio 1 which is MENTAL. We won the Nihal Review show the other night. Champione Del Mundo, as Joe put it.
BIG love to all who showed out to any of our gigs at Glastonbury. We had a brilliant time and I only fell over in the mud once, which on the form of previous years is excellent going.
We have our BUNGA BUNGA party at the Greenman Festival on August 19th, and we’re playing at Spaced in Ibiza as part of the Radio 1 weekend on August 5th. There’s the next GIRLS MUSIC rave at Corsica Studios on Aug 26th and Creamfields that same weekend. Before all of that we have BEAR FACTORY at the Dalston Superstore on July 30th.
I just did a mix for Gilles Petersons worldwide show, I’ll stick a link up here when it’s broadcast.
Album runnings are smooth and we should be all done by the end of the month, Ready for blast-off in the autumn.
For those who are asking, and there’s a LOT, the line is “to the morn” and not “to the mong” or even “toulemonde”